The benefits of paper box packaging compared with other materials

Benefits of paper box package compared with other material

As an important packaging material, paper and paper-based packages account for over 40% of the packaging material and even 50% in the developed countries.The carton boxes and cardboard boxes are the main paper-based packages in practical application.There are many unique benefits for those products compared with other packaging.

Paper packaging is safe and cheap
Paper and cardboard are a material that has no toxic and odor, pollution-free, safe and hygienic.Using carton boxes is cheaper for your companies because the raw material required to fabricate paper boxes is quite inexpensive,which makes these boxes highly affordable as compared to the other available alternatives in the market.
Not only you are able to save cost when purchasing these boxes, but also you will be helping the environment too.

Paper packaging is renewable and biodegradable.
Paper-based packaging is completely renewable, since trees can be replanted and replenished on a regular basis. Paper is also completely recyclable, and it is extremely easy to do so.
When paper packaging is used,any discarded paper breaks down into the environment. Rather than becoming a permanent fixture in our environment like the waste from a plastic bag, paper decomposes back into the earth.So even if paper products are not always recycled, they do not create waste in the same fashion that plastic packaging would.Paper-based packages have a far smaller impact on our environment than plastic packaging does,and this is important for keeping our environment in a healthy state.

The processing and printing of paper is easier
Because of paper’s unique property,carton boxes made by paper are available in various shapes, sizes, designs and colors as per the specific requirement of the customers.Another big advantage is these material do not have sharp edges which might harm you while you are transporting these boxes or packing goods with it. It can also handle pressure well, and you can stack one against each other without worrying about damaging the boxes.

Carton boxes have smooth surfaces so you can print label stickers and stick it on them. Not only you will give the packaging company easy time with good labeling, but also it can be good branding for your packaging. You can print your logo, company name, phone number and even your website address on the packaging labels.Remember these boxes are made with lasting materials and can be use for a long time so as long as your boxes is out there in the market, it will provide as a good marketing strategy. When your product is properly packaged, you have increased the quality of your product, which will help market and promote your brand to the targeted market.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly and cheaper packaging for your products that will lend to its overall value and customer appeal, please choose the paper as your material. For any needs for box packaging, you can send email to [email protected] for advice. We will help you find the right solution for your product packaging according to your requirements.

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