5 tipos de material potencial de embalagem de papel para alimentos

5 tipos de material potencial de embalagem de papel para alimentos

With the improvement of material quality and processing technology, soft packaging is playing a more and more important role in the food industry. In 2002, the sales of soft packaging in the food industry exceeded the hard packing, accounting for 56% of the total sales. Because of its advantages of safety, health and convenience, the packaging of soft food is popular in Japan , Europe and America, and the paper package box has become a new favorite as well as customers.

1.Anti-corrosive paper

Anti-corrosive paper for food packaging produced by Japanese companies. It is made of the original paper in an ethanol solution containing 20% sodium succinate and 0.07% sorbic acid and then dried. The food with juice packed using this paper can be stored at 38 degrees centigrade for three weeks without deterioration. Another company in Japan has also produced a new type of packaging paper that can prevent food from deteriorating for a long time and does not damage food flavor. The paper is a special monoglyceride and compounds after fusion, as an effective component dissolved in water and ethanol solution, and then on the paper spray or infiltration treatment after drying, it can be used to package various kinds of food.

2.Tofu paper

Tofu paper is a paper made of tofu dregs that can be dissolved in water. The paper is made by adding fatty acid and protease into the bean curd residue and after decompose, wash it in warm water and dry it into food fiber, then add sticky material such as yam, taro, dextrin, oligosaccharide and propylene glycol. It has a wide range of applications, including the packaging of instant noodles, condiments, roast meat, cake and fruit. The paper is easy to decompose after use and can be used as waste, they are environment friendly and can be recycled and reused.

3. Deodorant paper

The deodorizing package paper can be used in food packaging for the effect of deodorization and preservation. There are more than 40 kinds of deodorizing paper materials now being studied, which are mainly divided into three types: A type is chemical deodorization. It can remove the odor or odor of ammonia, two methylamine, trimethylamine and hydrogen sulfide. The B type is the physical type. It is mainly used to remove the odor such as hydrogen sulfide and carboxylic acid, which is characterized by good deodorization effect for high concentration hydrogen sulfide. The C type is a mixed deodorization type. Deodorizing packaging is mainly used for those with special odors as well as the packaging of agricultural products and aquatic products.

4.Pomace paper

A kind of fruit residue paper produced abroad is made from the discarded apple dregs in the food industry. The method is to remove the grain from the fruit residue,mash it into pulp and add a proper amount of wood fiber. This kind of paper is environmentally friendly, easy to decompose after use, can be used as compost and recycled to make paper.

5.Paper-based composite package

Japan has successfully developed a oil absorbing composite carton package with structure of PE-PAPER-PE-AL-PET- PE.They were made by paper as base material through aluminum and plastic layer composite. Because of its safe, lightweight and beautifully printed better than glass and plastic package,is potential and competitive in the market.

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