3 principles about perfume packaging box design

3 principles about perfume packaging box design

Perfume has always been a symbol of fashion, and when modern girls pass by, they carry bursts of charming scents. With the development of the trend of the times, not only women, but also more and more men also pay attention to the use of perfume. Perfume can be said to be a fashion product, and it is necessary to pay attention to the outer packaging of perfume while paying attention to quality.

There are three principles to note during perfume packaging box design:

Reflect the perfume temperament
Perfumes have a variety of flavors, and each perfume must have a corresponding packaging, just like the clothes on each of us. Wearing the right clothes can better highlight our temperament, and the same is true about perfume packaging. According to the taste and temperament of the perfume, the corresponding packaging is customized to make the characteristics of the perfume more obvious.

Reflect brand identity
The ultimate goal of a company to sell a product is also to promote the brand. The outer packaging of the product can be said to be the mobile business card of the enterprise, and if it is well designed, it is of great help to the promotion of the brand. If the packaging of perfume does not highlight the brand, it is difficult to remember the perfume brand.

Unique style
The cookie-cutter design discourages consumers, and the unique style design is more eye-catching. In the era of more and more pursuit of uniqueness, perfume packaging box must also cater to consumer psychology, and only by doing what consumers like can perfume be valued and loved.

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