How to choose a good gift box manufacturer online in China

How to choose a good gift box manufacturer online in China ?

Many people find it difficult to choose a gift box manufacturer online, but as long as you understand, it is the same as find a wholesaler in the market but in a different way. Knowing that, the choice is not so difficult.

First, is it actual Photo? It’s best to find suppliers with “original photo”.the picture is the first thing that can attract people on the website, some people choose the supplier which  has most beautiful picture on its website.In fact, it is unadvisable. There are many present box suppliers that spend a lot of time dealing with pictures of the site, and the price of a low-quality product that has been shot and transformed becomes a premium.So open your eyes to be sure that the picture of the gift box has been processed too much, or it is an actual photo ?

Second, does the gift box manufacturer has independent website? Do they provide accurate address and contact information? A formal and qualified gift boxes supplier usually have its own website. So you should better to keep in touch with phone and email which showed on his site.If the phone and mail are normal then the site’s convincing.If necessary, look at the business license.

Third, what about design capacity and inventory?Many people always feel that the more styles the better ,and more professional the gift boxes manufacturer will be when choose gift boxes online. Actually this is unwise,because the factory past inventory is relatively large, so not all the styles is fashion, if one website say it have thousands of latest styles, then you must be careful.

Fourth,If the price is reasonable or not ?currently, the profit of gift box wholesaler or manufacturer is not high, basically have no bargaining space, if there are someone can give you more than 10% discount, they may be cheater. If cooperate with them,as likely as not, the payment will not be received or the goods will be collected varies from the pictures on the website.

If you’ve already selected one supplier online,you should better do not place an order for large quantities of replenish without worrying about more freight costs for the first time cooperation, be sure to cooperated more times to make sure the quality and the after-sale service before long-term cooperation.

It’s not a good idea to make price as a criterion for choosing a present box supplier.In fact, every manufacturer will have the main products which has the lower price to attract the attention of the customers, so as to drive the sale of other products.In fact, this kind of product usually the profit is to be minimized or just cover the cost, if you don’t mind,you can find a few more manufacturers or wholesales and place the order on their main products.

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